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Sorbet (Glass Slag) & Opal Fan Earrings


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The mouthwatering shades of pastel pink and yellow in these beauties will make you think of a refreshing mouthful of luscious sorbet on a summer’s day.

A by-product of glass manufacturing, Sorbet, or glass slag, is a beautiful material that is usually overlooked. It takes an innovative artist like Duane Maktima to see its beauty and incorporate it into his fabulous jewelry.

In these striking earrings, he has added a horizontal bank of fiery opal. The artist, famous for his work, as well as for his mentoring, has given the magnificent materials center stage, keeping the design perfect in its simplicity.

These earrings are like dancing girls in motion, with hand chiseled frills of silver resembling ruffled skirts. They contrast with the gleam of polished sterling tops.

Both flirty and restrained, they are totally flattering. As refreshing as a tropical breeze (or an Italian ice on a hot summer day), these earrings will invigorate you no matter what the weather!



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Opal, Sorbet (Glass Slag), Sterling Silver


1 3/8" L X 7/8" W