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Solstice Pot


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Considered to be among the very best potters, this artist is famed for the seemingly wooden texture of his pots, and the complex depictions of Hopi cultural events and symbols.

This gracefully formed jar is typical in the complexity of symbols and the beautiful colors,.

Also characteristic, is the “peeled back” effect that reveals the designs around the body of the piece.

All the colors are mineral-derived; he uses no commercial paints.

Named “Solstice” by the artist, this jar is an intricate collection of symbols, from petroglyph drawings, to water, sun and sky signs, and much more.

The Winter solstice heralds the planting season and the summer solstice marks the start of harvesting what was planted earlier in the year.

A balance of sunshine, rain and good weather is needed, and this pot tells that story.

Kokopelli is seen blowing the seeds that will produce crops. To ensure the harvest, there are shooting stars, rain clouds, and much more.

This is a stellar piece by one of the most revered and honored potters.

He keeps the ancient traditions alive in a wholly personal, remarkably skilled, and creative way.


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Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


7 1/2" H x 7 1/2" diameter