Solo Rider Ledger Drawing



The artist is part of an acclaimed family of bead and quill artists. He has chosen a different medium to preserve his tribe’s art tradition.

In his words, ” ‘Ledger’ account books and records were adapted to replace the once abundant hides that were used to record deeds accomplished on the battle field, ceremonial events, or daily life including hunting and courtships.”

This vibrant picture is of a proud and handsomely bedecked warrior, astride a similarly decorated and decorative Appaloosa horse. Is he going to his wedding? Returning from a successful hunt or skirmish?

Whatever the occasion, the colors are beautiful; not totally realistic, but vivid and arresting, throbbing with energy.

It is painted on a page from a 19th-century business’s account book. The antique sheet of a ledger book has entries dated 1865 and 1866!

In addition to the colored pencils and black ink, metallic gold paint adds its shimmer to some of the borders.

Note that the row of stylized tepees, at the top, are painted/drawn directly on the paper, while the featured figure has been cut-out and pasted onto it.

The details are authentic and beautifully done: The fringes of the figure’s sashes, his parfleche bag, dangling from the neck of the horse, the horse’s decorated hooves, the saddle blanket etc, etc, etc.

With ravishing, bold color and delicate details, this warrior prances proudly, and explains Darryl’s heap of awards.

Let this vivid color and bold energy liven up your home, and enjoy it all the time.

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