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Soft Sculpture Buffalo


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Noted in the past for his vibrant clay wall masks, the artist has recently created multimedia soft sculptures – his own, artistic niche – with brilliant results, as you can see.

This decorative fellow is a buffalo, iconic animal of the Great Plains, that provided meat, shelter, tools, and more.

Abstract in form, this piece nevertheless conveys the massive bulk of the buffalo.

It is painted with a lively design incorporating  crosses, spirals, arcs and zig-zag lines, in a richly earthy palette of colors that suggest the animal itself.

Spirals, and the bands around his body, symbolize water – super good luck in the dry high desert.

The crosses signify prayers that this blessing extends to all four corners of the earth.

His horn is painted on, along with a curlicue that suggests the buffalo’s characteristic beard.

The medicine bundle across his back is tied with bright orange thread, around a roll of buckskin, and ends in a collection of long, natural turkey feathers.

Feathers represent prayers; in this case, in gratitude for the presence of buffalo herds, with the hope they may be protected everywhere, and forever.

A most uncommon and decorative work of art to embellish your wall, by an unusually creative artist.

All ready to hang, and admire.

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Acrylic Paint, Buckskin, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Thread


11 1/2" L x 6 3/4" H (including feathers)