Picasso Marble Mountain Lion Fetish


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The Cheama family is among the most highly respected, prize-winning carvers in Zuni Pueblo, and Lance is one of the best of the family.

Lance was taught by his half-brother, the celebrated Dan Quam, and follows the contemporary, more realistic style of carving.

This mountain lion is carved from Picasso Marble, with this variety mined only in Utah.  The stone has a soft gray hue interspersed with deeper shades of gray and waves of tan and brown.

The mountain lion appears to be in a crouched position as if waiting to pounce.  Her tail is curled about halfway through, and you can almost feel the tension in her body!

Her head is realistically shaped, with the muzzle and ears that are characteristic of the animal, and her eyes are bright blue dots of turquoise, a vivid contrast to the deep grays and browns of her body.

There is texturing all over her body, a direct representation of the contemporary style Lance learned from his half-brother, and her claws are each finely carved into both paws.

A stunning piece by a talented carver from a well-known family, this mountain lion is a Protective and Guardian Animal of the North in the Zuni culture and will guard your home or office from any mantel, bookshelf, or display cabinet!  You can also keep him in the center console in your car to protect you on your daily journies!

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Natural Picasso Marble, Turquoise