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Sodalite Fox Fetish


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Cody is the son of celebrated carver Wilfred Cheama, and obviously is carrying on the family talent. He has made fine use of the natural markings of this dramatic stone. When sodalite is more solidly navy blue, it is used in jewelry: this strikingly variegated piece of sodalite displays a very foxy, russet hue at the tail, as well as the more characteristic mixture of deep blue and white matrix. The attitude of the fox, as well as the stone, is full of animation. The typical large, fluffy tail is held high, and his turquoise gaze is focussed. He might be zeroing on a chicken coop! Each paw is carved, to indicate the claws.The young carver has captured the intensity of this fox, going a-hunting, while delighting our eyes with this unusual, beautiful stone.

Sodalite, Turquoise

Width: 1/2″ Height: 3/4″ Depth: 2 7/8″