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Snowy Plains Scene


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Robert Redbird’s paintings depicted the beauty of Native culture, especially of the Great Plains tribes. His work came to epitomize the Native world, in art.

We sadly report that he has joined the many other artists who have left our earth, recently.

This bleak winter scene is a wonderful example of his art.

The lone figure trudging through the snow has been gathering firewood. He has almost reached the haven of warmth and firelight in the teepee.

The cold and snow are almost palpable; snowflakes and snow drifts are expertly depicted.

But there is a poetic sort of realism to the scene; as if it is a symbol of an aspect of Native life in the past, rather than a detailed representation.

Framed and ready to hang, this is a characteristic and mesmerizing painting by this iconic artist, who will paint no more.



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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Custom Frame


27" H x 23 1/2" W framed