Snowflake Pin/Pendants


Cut out, hand stamped snowflakes, each with a different design and different small stone in center: turquoise, red coral, malachite.

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Snowflakes glisten in a winter wonderland, but you can enjoy the beauty of these particular lacy ones indoors and out, and in the sunshine, too.

Imaginative artist Lee Charley created these glittering, gleaming snowflakes that will never melt, and will adorn your chain, lapel, hat, bag, or belt – beautifully.

Sturdy sterling silver is cut into a delicate-seeming pattern, embellished with deep stamping. Just like real snowflakes, each one has a different pattern, and stone.

Entirely hand fabricated, the stamped areas look darker, and the raised silver is highly polished, for lovely contrast.

Each one is centered with a bright blue turquoise, a natural red coral, or a Christmas-tree green malachite.

A beautiful, versatile, way to celebrate winter, whether there is snow outside, or not.

Why settle for one? Buy all three for a lovely set, and wear them all at once. $110. each.

We currently only have the gorgeous Christmas-tree green malachite snowflake left in stock.

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Coral, Malachite, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" high