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Snaky SIlver and Green Earrings


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Highly reputed and widely collected as a fine painter in the Impressionist style, this son of a Navajo Code Talker (who are famous for thwarting Japanese Intelligence in WWII, thereby helping to win the war) is as well-known for his finely crafted jewelry.The artist’s creativity and sense of design is evident in these elegant earrings. The unusual, graceful, and very attractive shape is emphasized by the swirl of polished silver. A triangular piece of a “new”, uncommon and unusually beautiful stone called “mat-sit-sit”, accents the end of the serpentine form.This lovely, rich green stone, with darker depths is found in northern Myanmar (Burma), and is named after the site it was discovered. Its coloration depends on the preponderance of which of the several minerals that form it. The version of this complex stone seen here is especially beautiful. (And just think how you’ll amaze people when they ask what it is!)Slinky, shiny and wonderfully designed and fabricated, these earrings will enhance your your days and nights with glamor and intrigue. First-rate artist, a stone so unusual we had to look it up, and a price to cheer. What is it? Mat-sit-sit!

Sterling Sliver and Natural Maw-Sit-Sit Stone

Dangle Length: 2 1/2″ Width: 3/4″ Type: