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Snake and Prey Fetish


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Michael Coble’s work has been distinctive and impressive from his earliest days.

Lance Cheama and Herbert Him were his mentors in carving lifelike fetishes, and Michael learned well.

He took off and has won many awards for his realistic fetishes, like this snake and mouse.

The Picasso marble stone is just right for depicting a desert snake and mouse, and the artist has used the dramatic markings of the stone beautifully.

Carved entirely from one chunk of rock, the coiled snake is totally covered with naturalistic scales, which are even graduated; small at the head, and larger around the body.

Its flat head is recognizable, as well, and the mouse is expertly carved, too.

Marvelously detailed,  the ears, head, eyes, and paw are precisely detailed, as is its furry pelt, unlike the snake’s scales.

A remarkable carving, by this much-honored carving artist.

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Natural Picasso Marble


2 1/4" H x 2" W x 2" Deep