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Smoky Quartz Figural Ring


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Shawn is a Shawnee; her Plains tribe is not noted for jewelry. However, this remarkable jeweler spent her childhood in New Zealand, and all over the world, absorbing many different influences.

So, she brings her own, one-of-a-kind, feminine and eclectic style to her beautiful work.

This ring is sleek and modern, with a hand-hammered shank. It is simpler in style than many of her daintier, more frilly pieces, but just as compelling in looks.

Natural smoky quartz displays its warm, dark translucence, in contrast with the polished silver that surrounds it.

The shifting hues of light and dark earthy brown in the stones are an unusual, hard-to-find color range, and strikingly handsome.

The arrangement of the two stones is abstract, but vaguely like a figure wearing a traditional Pueblo tablita (headdress).

Two tiny silver domes link the two stones, and add sparks of glitter. Each stone is precisely cut into graceful forms.

Notice that the bezels holding the stones are minutely sawn at the edges, adding a bit of texture to the smooth depths of the smoky quartz.

Beautiful and unusual stones, beautifully set in gleaming silver, make a discreetly dramatic and lovely ring.

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Natural Smoky Quartz, Sterling Silver


1" L x 7/8" W