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Smaller Polychrome Olla


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A lively small olla by this award-winning potter, best -known for her adorable child-and-animal pieces. Her four sisters are celebrated potters, as well.

Marilyn likes to switch gears by producing more traditional pieces, like this lovely little olla.

Made just like large pots, the bright white clay of the Acoma area forms the olla itself, and is a brilliant foil for the natural clay slips and vegetal paint that decorate it.

The design is composed of traditional elements, arranged and depicted in a personal manner, by the artist.

The characteristic Acoma fine-line motif symbolizes rainfall, much desired in the high desert.

The “shark fins” around the rim are actually stylized feathers,representing prayers for rain.

Other decorative elements support the prayers for rain, symbolizing clouds, etc.

The rich gold color also comes from clay around Acoma Pueblo, and is not often seen.

The deep brick red is clay from around Cochiti Pueblo; the black is paint derived from wild spinach plants.

With many of the design elements placed on the diagonal, there is a feeling of wind-blown movement.

That is stabilized by the pristine row of feather forms around the top.

Color, precise and energetic design; a modern classic in a petite size.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips, Natural Pigment


2 1/4" high x 3 1/8" diameter