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Smaller Polychrome Bowl


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This son of the late Mary Frances Herrera, brother of Dorothy and Mary R Herrera, is firmly established in Cochiti Pueblo’s highly respected, long-time pottery tradition. He is just coming back to his art, after working elsewhere. We are delighted to have this lovely bowl.

Simply flawless, the delicate design and smooth surface are enhanced by the red clay slip applied to the interior and bottom of the bowl. It is hard to realize that the piece was constructed in coils so even is the matte finish, inside and out. Black paint, hand made from wild spinach plants, lines the rim, as well as forming the design of flag-like shapes. Both on the rim, and in the design, there is a gap. This so-called spirit-line was meant to leave an outlet for the creativity of the artist, so it wasn’t trapped within one piece.

Completely traditional in hand fabrication, this graceful bowl will fit into any decor with the simplicity of its design and the pleasing – equally traditional – palette of ecru, black and soft red.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 7 3/4″ Height: 3″ Depth: 2 3/4″ Diameter: 7 3/4″