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Cited in almost all reference books on Southwestern, or Native American jewelry, this couple have become a legend in their own time. When you own a Clark piece, you own a piece of jewelry history, past, present and future, and an exquisite example of the lapidary art. These wee post earrings depict Yei heads. Yeis, Navajo spirits, are intermediaries between the people on earth, and the heavens.The incredibly microscopic bits of stones inlaid in Clark mosaic jewelry are often separated by even teenier slivers of black jet. In these new earrings, it is hard to see because the lapis and red coral are so richly saturated, and the earrings – and inlaid mosaic bits – are so small, but the wispy lines of jet are visible with a magnifying glass. Otherwise, the innumerable tiny pieces of turquoise, coral, lapis, and accents of mother of pearl can be seen in the photos. Tailored in shape, discreet in size, but vivid with turquoise and coral color, these earrings can be your everyday signatures. They will look beautiful with everything you own, going from daily errands, to lunches, dinners, meetings, the theater, on hikes, on shipboard – everywhere! Handsome in design, with flattering colors, exquisite in execution, and with protective qualities as well – all that, and you own a museum piece of the future, as well.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Jet, Coral, Lapis, Mother of Pearl

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