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Small Wedding Vase


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A daughter of celebrated potter, Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo, Nyla, like her equally famous sister, Rachel and Jean Sahmie, is an award-winning artist.

Producing pottery for over 30 years, she, like most of her illustrious family, likes to continue the styles rediscoverd by her great-grandmother, the great Nampeyo.

This delightful little wedding vase is covered with traditional, abstract symbols of feathers and rainfall.

Feathers refer to prayers, and rain is a great blessing on the arid Hopi land.

Very good luck; very appropriate for a wedding vase.

The pattern covers the body of the piece with a diagonal thrust, like a rainstorm sweeping in.

Banded at top and bottom, it beautifully emphasizes the rotundity of the pot.

Proportionally tall, slender necks rise above the body, serenely plain in contrast to the busy design.

The design is painted with red clay slip and dark brown vegetal paint, contrasting with the natural honey-beige of the Hopi clay.

Precise in painting, the form of the pot is also beautifully made.

Of course, it is made of hand-gathered, -mixed,-coiled, -smoothed, -burnished and -painted local clays, and fired in the ground.

Except for the size, perhaps, this follows the same processes as were done for hundreds of years.

A copy of a description of the role of a wedding vase, in Pueblo ceremonies, goes with each purchase of one.

This is a little gem, by a famous artist.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


3 1/4" H x 2 1/2" diameter