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Small Turquoise Parrot


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The artist is the award-winning patriarch of the renowned Quam family, among the leading carvers in Zuni. He is credited with starting the trend toward naturalistic carving of fetishes.

This colorful turquoise carving depicts a little parrot – must be a young one, because he is so cute, rather than majestic. Parrots figure in Zuni mythology, and are also popular for their beautiful plumage.

One piece of stabilized turquoise forms the sweet parrot, and together with natural, bright red coral eyes suggest the vibrant feathers of the real bird. The marks of hand carving are evident, and the characteristic beaky head is immediately recognizable.

The turquoise is varied in hues, with lines of matrix here and there that add to the naturalistic effect. A winsome carving, that brings the skill and talent of this celebrated artist right into your home.

And no fuss or muss with this charming parrot – he will not squawk, bite, or soil your shelf or tabletop. Enjoy!


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Natural Red Coral, Turquoise


1" Height L x 7/8" H x 5/8" W