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Small Turquoise Badger Fetish


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Badgers are believed to be helpful in healing, since they dig out roots and herbs just as medicine men do for their healing ceremonies.

This appealing badger carving is the work of a celebrated member of one of the three leading carving families in Zuni.

The Cheamas are known for their contemporary realistic style of carving, and this sweet little badger shows Lance’s skill.

The carved fur, the bushy tail, the claws, and the detailed ears and face are all carved with naturalistic delicacy.

The matrix in the turquoise stone tends to obscure these details at first glance, but they are all there, as is the artist’s signature, on the underside.

With inlaid coral eyes, and a shy but friendly expression, this delightful and finely carved little badger will certainly heal any bad moods, at the very least.



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Natural Red Coral, Turquoise


1 1/2" L x 3/4" W x 3/8" H