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Small Sun and Moon Pot


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Dominque Toya has offered you the sun and the moon!

A fifth-generation, award -winning potter, she has emerged as a major talent.

At  a recent SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, Dominique won Best of Division, the highest honor, in contention for Best of Show.

This lovely little vase is completely traditional in fabrication, including gathering the local clay, mixing, coiling, and smoothing it, and pit-firing.

The gorgeous polish is also achieved by hand, laboriously rubbing the matte clay with a stone until the flower-pot finish turns to satin.

Traditional in method, but contemporary in appearance, the piece is enhanced by two carved circles, one on each side.

One represents the sun, and glitters with a warm, peachy, natural micaceous clay slip.

The other side symbolizes the moon; the same, natural micaceous slip has been darkened with a vegetal pigment, so it glistens like the night sky.

The dialectic of night and day, sun and moon, is important to Native beliefs; the ideal is Nature in harmony.

Pristine, and prize-worthy, this is a small gem by a potter with a very large reputation.


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Natural Handmade Clay, Natural Clay Slips


2 3/8" H x 2 1/4" W x 1 3/4" Deep