Small Storyteller with 3 Kids

Rose Pecos Sun-Rhodes



Simplified to abstraction, yet utterly realistic in its poses, Rose Pecos Sun Rhodes’ work is unlike any other.

Judges agree, as her many prize ribbons demonstrate.

Although a Pueblo herself, her figures are usually Navajo, because she likes the graceful spread of skirts, the colors and jewelry, and the men’s cowboy hats – all traditional Navajo wear.

As a mother, grandmother and teacher, she really knows how kids sit, stand and move.

The faces may be simplified, and the clay smoothed to a uniform texture, but each child’s attitude and gesture is true to life.

Notice the “blankie” held by the little girl: a beautifully draped and painted Navajo rug.

The baby’s feet are crossed just like babies’ – any minute he’s going to kick them out in delight, as babies do.

The little cowpoke has looped his rope over his arm, just like Daddy.

This highly reputed artist’s style is characterized by a pared-down simplicity, and elegance of form and finish.

Also, an affectionate, winsome understanding of children.

Her style is uniquely her own, and uniquely beautiful.

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