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Small Size Silver “Graffiti” Cuff


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Award-winning Ray Scott is famous for his precise and exacting silverwork, and impeccable design aesthetic, too.

This bracelet is not only a perfect example, but it is also cheery and fun, as well as lovely.

An intricate pattern of plump curlicues dance and tumble all around the cuff, which is cut out to follow their shapes.

Highly polished, they shine against the darkened and textured under layer, which just peeps through at the edges.

Some of the rotund and tapered spirals are cut out in spots; most overlap each other, in a playful – yet beautiful – composition that resembles a group of puppies delightfully leaping on one another.

But don’t be fooled by the cheerful, amusing design – this is a seriously well-fabricated, complex bracelet, by a major jewelry artist.

Energetic and pleasingly plump, the design is flawlessly executed, of course, and presents an unusual silhouette that is very pleasing.

Small wrist owners, rejoice – this one is just for you!

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

4 3/4" + 1" gap | 5 3/4" all around


5/8" W