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Small Rug Pattern Pendant


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Roland Brady is one of the most original jewelers we know, but wait, there’s more!

He also writes, helps his mother with her sheep, guides visitors to Monument Valley, and guides, acts, and helps in production, for film companies!

His is a unique mind, intellectual and curious, profoundly spiritual, and endowed with unbelievable creativity. He is strongly attached to his Navajo heritage, as well.

This handsome little pendant is fabricated with the same meticulous attention to design and workmanship as his larger, elaborate pieces.

The exact shape of a classic element in Navajo rug design, the clearly defined stepped form, and applied center design, are flawlessly and crisply cut out.

The raised elements are brushed to a soft patina, while the area behind them is textured and polished, for a subtle, but noticeable contrast.

Small in size, which is perfect for many of you, this pendant, nevertheless, has a definite presence.

A great opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable artist’s exacting and unique work!

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2" L x 3/4" W


Sterling Silver