Small Pottery Display Figure



Primarily noted for his corn maiden figures, the potter has created a very unusual and individual display of miniature ollas.

Hand built of hand-gathered native clay, with natural clay slips and wild spinach-infused black paint, this piece is a fine addition to a pottery collection.

Three separate ollas are formed and painted by hand; one sits atop the tapered display niche, one is attached inside, and a slightly larger jar is poised at an angle, on the bottom.

The colors are all natural – either clay slip, or the black paint derived from wild spinach plants.

The palette is soft and muted; very earthy and pleasing to the eye.

The decorations are traditional, including stylized feathers, rain and cloud signs.

An original piece that you will not see duplicated, created entirely traditionally, by hand.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips, Natural Pigment


5 1/8" high x 2 3/4" deep x 1 7/8" wide