Small Pendant with Turquoise


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You would never guess it, from the delicacy and precision of his work, but this fine, under-the-radar jeweler struggled with silversmith techniques when he started out, supervised by his mother-in-law!

Many a delighted collector, and awards, later, he is known for his handsome, refined, modern pieces that are priced remarkably fairly.

Sadly, we just learned he passed away earlier this year.

This beautiful pendant looks like frozen lace and evokes the charm of Victorian jewelry.

A vibrant, oval, natural turquoise sits above an applied silver plaque, in a matching shape.

The stone is the brilliant blue that characterizes natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

It is set in a plain bezel, surrounded by an overlaid, traditional Navajo design.

This center area is placed above the outer border, which is cut-out around the feather and rain-cloud pattern.

Even the bail is decorated, chiseled in parallel lines that evoke rainfall.

Age-old motifs, meticulously fabricated, seem to join Navajo tradition to the Victorian era, in this lovely, decorative pendant.

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Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 7/8" L x 7/8" W