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Small Mimbres Animal Olla




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The award-winning potter, known for her charming figural pieces of children and animals, has painted some different animals on this sprightly pot.

A lovely little olla in crisp dark brown and white, it incorporates four different animals that are pre-historic symbols of abundance and prosperity.

Using a timeless palette of dark, plant-derived paint on the natural, snow-white Acoma clay base, the design is crystal-clear.

Stylized feathers march around the neck of the pot, and also around the base, with fine line edges.

Parallel lines appear elsewhere on the pot, as well, denoting rainfall.

Water is the source of life, so rain is a symbol of very good luck.

The feathers represent prayers,floating up to the heavens; stepped designs signify rain.

Between these elements, four diamond shapes frame an animal, different in each section.

These decoratively painted animals include a rabbit, a turtle, a lizard and a quail; all traditional figures.

Each is painted in the graphic, pre-historic Mimbres style.

The four together represent water, land and food animals, so the theme of prosperity and good luck is emphasized.

Beautifully distinct designs, full of good luck signs, painted with flawless accuracy on a classic little olla – marvelous in every way.

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Natural Clay, Natural Pigment


2 3/8" high x 2 5/8" diameter