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Small Micro-Mosaic Inlaid Posts


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Their incredibly tiny, mosaic inlay pieces are internationally famous; their work is proudly exhibited in museums, cited in reference works, and worn by individuals, world-wide.

Moreover, “Carl and Irene Clark are among the greatest Indian jewelers in history” according to the definitive statement of a leading reference work on Native jewelry.

They are acclaimed for manipulating infinitesimal bits of high-quality, natural stones into portraits of Ye’is, Navajo spirits.

These vibrant little posts are just such a remarkable work of inlay, and design.

Every bit is cut and inlaid by hand: the jet eyes, mouth, and “feathers”, the little headbands of lapis and red coral, the borders of coral  and lapis, and the myriad tiny squares and rectangles of  coral, lapis, mother of pearl, and turquoise, that form the rest of the piece.

These extraordinary inlaid little squares are held in a gleaming box of silver.

In style, design, execution and materials, these posts are up to the highest standard of the Clark’s legendary work.

The small size makes them wearable every day; the vivid turquoise, and graphic details make them noticeable, in the most tasteful way.

Another museum-worthy piece by these Masters.


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Coral, Lapis, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


3/8" x 3/8"