Small Hopi Wedding Vase

Nyla Sahmie


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The potter is a daughter of Priscilla Nampeyo, and sister of Ida Sahmie, noted artists, all.

Classic Hopi design and coloration in a charmingly small size, but large enough to admire the fine form, and handsome design.

This little wedding vase is beautifully proportioned,with graceful spouts and a traditional Hopi bird pattern.

Arranging the design diagonally adds movement and energy, which is contained by the bands of dark brown at the top and also at the bottom.

This has the typical,  warm honey-beige Hopi clay base, with touches of red clay slip, as well as the dark brown.

Everything about this little gem is traditional, and typical of Hopi pottery.

A darling piece that is also a fine example of its origin, and created by a member of the notable Nampeyo family.

With the purchase of one, we include a description of the role of the wedding vase in Pueblo ceremonies, written by a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo.


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