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Dainty Dangles with Half-Moons


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Unusual in every way, from her Plains background to her childhood in New Zealand, training in Santa Fe and her current residence in North Carolina, this artist has a totally individual artistic vision.

Her work is dainty, feminine, precise, and uses uncommon stones. These petite beauties are just as complex as her larger pieces.

Boxed silver “half-moons” and little circles are hand stamped with all-over patterns. A tiny dome of polished silver adorns the circles. Note that the crescents are asymmetrical: they are reversed from one another.

Even the jump ring that supports the cluster of sparkly stones is chiseled, as are the delicate silver strands that hold up the moon forms.

The exquisite, natural stones are faceted, and form a lovely palette of teal, rose and purple.

Delicate, small in scale, and remarkably pretty, these earrings are lovely with the most casual, as well as dressy, clothes. Enjoy!

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Amethyst, Sterling Silver, Tanzanite, Tourmaline


3" L x 1/2" W