Small Good-Luck Basket


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Pottery baskets like this one were often called “betrothal baskets”, signifying the upcoming union of two young people.

This charming piece is a wee version, featuring rain signs and tadpoles – symbols of good luck and fertility.

The form is very pleasing; tapered and well-proportioned.

Red clay slip and black, wild spinach paint make a dramatic contrast with the pure white Zuni clay.

The exterior is shaped and decorated with stepped rain signs at the rim.

Tadpoles and a graceful red lizard decorate the interior.

Lizards are land creatures, counterpoints to the other watery themes.

Adorable, well-made, and delightfully decorated, this is a lovely little piece.

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Natural Clay and Clay Slip I Plant Pigment


2 3/4" H x 2 3/8" W