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Small Dragonfly, Water and Sun Vase


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She is considered to be “at the top of the ladder” among Jemez potters, like her famous mother, Juanita Fragua.

Her brother, Cliff Fragua, is an acclaimed sculpture artist, so Glendora has the “right stuff”.

She brings her own, decorative, feminine style to her pottery, which is a modern interpretation of traditional symbols.

Best known for the sgrafitto technique – designs that are scratched or etched into the clay – her work has earned the respect and admiration of serious collectors and prestigious show judges.

Needless to say, every step of her pottery-making is by hand, as it used to be done for centuries.

This pretty little vase was hand coiled, using all natural materials and pigments; the entire surface is decorated with a lively collection of precise, graceful designs taken from traditional lore.

Dragonflies are considered good luck, since they live near, and above, waterways.

All kinds of water are a blessing in the high desert, leading to good health, happiness, and abundant crops.

This charming vase features two, individually decorated dragonflies, along with flowers, angular lines symbolizing storms, clouds, and waterways, drops of water, small round sun symbols, and an abstract version of a feathered spirit.

The spirit figure’s feathers carry the prayers for water – and a balance of sunshine – up to the heavens.

Along the rim of the piece, little red clay crosses symbolize the prayer that the blessings of water and sun,  in balance, might extend to all four corners of the earth.

The base clay, gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed by hand, and polished with a hand-held stone, in a creamy peach.

The red designs were carved into the base clay, and “painted” with powdered red clay, mixed with water.

Wild spinach plants, steeped in boiling water, resulted in the black “paint”, while the tiny dots of white are probably commercial paint.

The theme is serious and traditional, but the interpretation is lovely, lively, lyrical, and a joy to behold.


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Hand Processed Local Clay and Clay Slip; Natural Pigment


4 1/2" H x 2 3/8" Diameter