Small Butterfly Plate

Glendora Fragua


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She has been called the best sgrafitto carver at Jemez, “at the top of the ladder” among potters at her pueblo.

Highly respected and sought after, her densely decorated pieces are usually small-scale and exquisite. This little plate epitomizes her work.

Using all natural materials and pigments, the entire surface is embellished with a wonderful collection of precisely placed and painted borders, centered by a butterfly.

Butterflies are responsible for helping to propagate plants and crops, therefore a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

It seems as if the butterfly is actually poised on the petals of a flower.

Surrounding the handsome butterfly are wavy bands, one with circles and little crosses.

The circles refer to raindrops, and the crosses mean the blessings of water and fertile seeds should be spread in four directions of the earth.

The various undulating lines mimic the fluidity of water.

Dense stippling, while decorative, symbolizes the uneven texture of land, to balance the water.

On the reverse, along with the artist’s cornstalk clan sign signature, another charming design of flowers, with another, flowing, stippled band, and water spirals surprises and delights.

The cornstalk is the happy result of the butterfly’s help in spreading seeds, and the blessing of water. Health, prosperity and happiness follow.

Hand made clay, coiled, etched, painted, and burnished by hand; this combination of richly dramatic color and exuberant design is classic Glendora and just plain stunning.


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