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Small Black Sgraffito Pot


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Small is beautiful, especially in the gifted hands of this award-winning potter. Her work is collected all over the world, treasured for the intricacy of the etched (sgrafitto) designs, the gorgeous stone polish, and the precision of her workmanship.Completely traditional in execution, this little pot proudly shows off a plumply graceful form, tapered at top and bottom. Embracing the widest curve, the sgrafitto band of feathers and rain signs perfectly divides the lustrous top and bottom, decoratively framed with narrow borders of rain signs and water waves. Traditional good luck symbols, feathers carry prayers for rain up to heavens. Rain is essential to desert-dwelling farmers, so you will have a permanent good luck object in your home, that is also an exquisite work of art.

Natural Clay

Height: 2 3/8″ Diameter: 3 1/4″