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Small Black Protective Bear


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This noted artist is a magician who can make a fierce animal look cuddly. Bears are revered for their powerful strength, survival skills, and, therefore, their protective power. This adorable bear is at the ready, lance in hand, waiting to defend and protect your territory. He seems to be transported with joy – gleeful at the prospect of his important role. Alert and steady on his chubby back paws, beautifully proportioned and finished, he has a deerskin-covered shield and medicine bag slung over his back, trailing red ribbons. Chubby front paws are gripping a long spear. Finely formed by hand, from a mix of commercial and hand-mixed clays, he is sleek and burnished. Nowadays, Randall’s work is fired in an indoor kiln, rather than outside in an oil drum. You will find this figure’s smile “beary” contagious! A new, delightful charmer from this famed potter, whose happy figures are guaranteed to keep you cheery, too.

Natural Clay, Paint, Wood, Leather

Width: 2″ Height: 4 3/8″ Depth: 3″