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Small Black Micaceous Swirl Pot


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A fifth-generation, award -winning potter who has emerged as a major talent. In fact, at SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, recently, Dominique won Best of Division, the highest honor, beyond Best of Show, for a large, beige version of this style.

This contemporary seed pot is one of a series of new versions of the traditional melon pot. The deep carving, the micaceous sparkle, the pinwheel swirls and defined form are all done by hand. Dominique carves those swirls simply judging by eye.

The unusual amount of sparkling mica bits in the natural, hand gathered and mixed clay is all natural, as well. This mega-glittery clay comes from a new source in northern New Mexico. The artist has deliberately carved the swirls with wider flat edges, to allow for optimal glitter to show.

This is completely traditional in fabrication, including pit-firing and smothering the flames with powdered animal manure, to produce the indelible black color. Traditional in method; contemporary in appearance. Remarkable and prize-worthy, this is a small gem by a potter with a very large reputation.



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Natural Clay I Natural Micaceous CLay Slip


2 1/4" high x 2 3/8" diameter