Small Black Micaceous Swirl Pot

Dominique Toya


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Dominique, the youngest generation of a long line of notable potters, has achieved the high honor of Best of (Pottery) Division – best of all the pottery shown – at Santa Fe Indian Market.

Her signature swirl pots are beautiful contemporary versions of the traditional gourd designs.

This globular little pot demonstrates the deep, sharply-defined carving she is famous for. It is done entirely eye-to-hand, with no prior penciling or other guides! This one has a beautiful, triangular opening – a beautiful contrast to the winding swirls that make the pot look as if it is spinning.

She starts at the top, digging deep with her tool, and continues all the way around, in one (careful) swoop. Then, on to the next cut, and so on.

The pleasingly rotund form of the pot is in beautiful harmony with the carved, diagonal pattern. The top of the pot clearly shows the rows of individually made cuts.

The black finish, achieved in the pit-firing, is flecked with myriad, tiny sparkles since the clay slip is naturally full of mica.

Dominique has won many well-deserved awards for her gorgeous pottery; whatever the style, each piece is impeccably shaped, exquisitely finished, and minimally embellished, just as her grandmothers formed their own, very different, pots.

Tradition is raised to a breathtaking level of design and execution in the pottery of this exceptional artist.

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