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Small Bear Plate


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From a family of accomplished, famous potters, her prize-winning storyteller figures are widely collected, and the best known of her work.

However, as seen here, Marilyn can make “normal” pieces that are just as fine, if a bit rarer.

Beautifully executed, the hand made clay dish was hand coiled, smoothed and painted with natural clay slip – the russet – and black, from wild spinach plants.

She can’t quite forsake her beloved animals, though – the decorative, bright sunburst contains a fetish bear, nicely rounded to conform to the circular shapes around it.

Bears are considered powerful protection, since they are intelligent, strong, and possess great survival skills.

Sun, rain (the fine, parallel lines), and protection, result in health and happiness.

This bear and his surroundings are also highly decorative, a win-win situation.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


3 7/8" diameter | 1/2" H