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Small Bear Paw Plate


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Acoma potters are known for their incredibly detailed fine line work on thick, bright white pottery.  Here, Marilyn combines her personal, more light-hearted aesthetic with more traditional designs.

Against the snowy white clay that is native to the Acoma/Laguna area, this consummate artist has painted the eye-dazzling fine lines that her Pueblo is famous for. These fine lines represent rain, which is a necessity for crops, especially here in New Mexico!

Right in the center of the plate, breaking up the crispness of the black and white palate, is a curved strip of red with four bear paws.  Bears symbolize protection and courage.  Red is symbolic of the earth itself, so the plate as a whole symbolizes prosperity and protection for Mother Earth.

The colors are all are naturally derived pigments, and the plate itself is made from natural, hand-collected Acoma clay.

A beautiful plate with touching symbolism by a highly collected and praised artist.

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Natural Clay, Natural Paint