Small “Basketweave” Bowl


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Her winsome figural pieces are so popular, it is easy to forget that Marilyn is a fine, traditional potter, as well.

This spiffy little olla reminds us, with a pleasingly plump form and crisp, graphic design.

Using red clay slip and plant-derived black (mixed with the red, to form a rich brown), over the pure white Acoma clay, she has painted an illusion of a woven basket.

The design is remarkably defined and regular. Crisp and dramatic, this is a wonderful fool-the-eye design.

The bottom and top motifs are smaller, to emphasize the rounded form of the olla.

Her children and animals are deservedly admired, but this sprightly olla demonstrates that Marilyn Ray is, indeed, a highly accomplished potter, no matter the subject matter.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


3" H x 4" diameter