Small Badger Claw Pendant


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Anderson Koinva was born in March 1956 in his home in Shungopavi Village, Second Mesa, Arizona, and comes from a large family of fourteen (he was number five).

At the age of 8, Anderson began to carve Hopi kachinas, however, upon his marriage to Berna Dawahoya in 1981, Anderson worked and learned Hopi over-lay jewelry from her father Bernard, who was the master silversmith on the Hopi reservation.

Today, Anderson has mastered Bernard’s technique and carries on the boldness of his designs.

The striking Badger Claw pendant is a perfect example of that boldness.  The brightly polished sterling silver is overlaid atop another silver layer that has been oxidized, allowing the darker badger claw to pop against the gleaming upper layer.

In Hopi, the badger represents strength and good health and can cure the sick.  This is a powerful piece, especially now when the world is in desperate need of strength and good health!

Whether you wear it on a silver chain, or with beads of your choosing, with jeans or dressed up, this pendant would look fabulous on a man or a woman, and will be a favorite in your collection!

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