Sleeping Mother and Baby


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Tim is a charter member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, formed to maintain the highest artistic and ethical standards in that art form.

A multiple award-winning artist, he is notable for the precision and artistry of his work, which most often depicts Navajo subjects, as in this beautiful, touching piece.

The peach alabaster is confidently handled, with an artful balance of textured and polished areas. The proportions are realistic; the faces and details, lovingly depicted.

The sleeping mother wears traditional dress – a broomstick skirt, long-sleeved top, and jewelry.

Her long hair drapes gracefully down her back, and over the base.

A concho belt circles her waist, and her heishi necklace has slipped off to one side, as she rests on one arm.

A large bracelet is visible on her other arm, which is curled protectively around her baby, who is drinking from a baby bottle, secure in Mother’s loving care.

There is a sense of profound tenderness in this sculpture, along with great serenity and contentment.

The variations in the peach-hued alabaster are masterfully used to enhance the subjects, with polished and matte areas, both.

This is an accurate representation of traditional Navajo dress, but the most compelling feature of the sculpture is the remarkable sensitivity of both expression, in their faces and positions, and carving.

Looking at this heartfelt sculpture from any angle, the talent, experience, and emotion of the prize-winning artist is obvious.

Big enough to command attention, yet able to display with ease, on a shelf or mantel, this is a beautifully affecting work of art, imbued with love for the subject and hand-carved with expert skill.

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