Six-Strand Spiny Oyster and Green Howlite Necklace



Channeling the long tradition of shell and stone jewelry at Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo, this long-time artist has brought it into our century.

She has patiently combined natural, red spiny oyster shell, olive shell, and howlite, dyed a brilliant green, into a handsome, chic and marvelously wearable necklace.

Twisted like it is in the photos, or left to drape softly, this vivid heishi necklace goes with everything, in every season.

Casual enough for weekends, striking enough for work, and festive enough for fun times, this necklace amortizes very quickly.

An artistic eye and a lot of patient skill went into creating this vibrant piece, created by hand.

Although the dyed howlite is a “new” stone, the technique and tradition behind this necklace, with its exuberant, flattering color, is age-old.

Updated history that will enhance every day in the present – and future.

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Dyed Howlite, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell and Olive Shell, Sterling Silver


26 1/2" long, a bit shorter if twisted