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Sitting Storyteller with Two Children


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Another fabulous storyteller artist from Jemez Pueblo.

Carol is linked to two prominent pottery families, and is noted for exceptional precision, and the pretty faces of her figures.

Each figure was individually fashioned from clay that was gathered, mixed, coiled, formed, pit-fired, and painted by hand.

Mother is seated, her moccasin feet stretched out from under her traditional Pueblo dress.

She is wrapped in a voluminous blanket, that also covers her little  girl, perched on one shoulder.

She wears a large, handsome necklaces of turquoise nuggets, and her spread out skirt has a decorated hem.

Each figure is individual and engrossed in some activity: The little girl is turning the pages of a book; her brother, sitting on Mama’s lap, hold a handsome, large plate.

Notice how the mother’s legs are crossed at the ankle – a nice touch.Her long hair sweeps down to one side of her blanket.

The piece is just as attractive when viewed from the rear, with the graceful fall of hair, the nicely decorated blanket, and lively accents of turquoise on her hairpiece and skirt hem.

Typical of this artist, each element and figure is both formed and painted with exquisite clarity and detail.

An appealing and beautifully decorative storyteller, in a fine size for display. The artist has even attached a piece of felt to the bottom, to protect your furniture!Natural


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3 1/2" H x 2 3/4" W x 3 5/8" Deep


Acrylic Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Pigments