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Single Stand Multi-Fetish Necklace


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Along with her late husband, Pete, this lady has been long celebrated for wonderful fetish carvings – alone, or formed into decorative necklaces, as here. Not only are the animals and birds varied, but the colorful array of materials used gives the piece a cheerful, bright allure.Seemingly all creatures great and small are included: from the skies, to the earth, into the streams. Some of the traditional Guardian animals are here – bears, wolves and eagles, for instance – also water creatures like frogs, tadpoles and fish, and even an owl, the Zuni watchdog. The variety of shells and stones, carefully arranged, creates a lively pattern of luscious color. Each of the tiny fetishes are hand carved, and all are strung on a single strand of dark brown baby olive shell heishi. At the bottom, a vivid orange spiny oyster shell eagle sparks the palette. Here is an entire fetish collection that you can wear – everywhere – and enjoy, even when it you keep it home.This is a collector’s item, since it was made by Dinah alone; not only charming, decorative, and traditional, but of some historical interest, as well.

Sterling Silver, Spiny Oyster Shell, Turquoise, Lapis, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Picasso Marble, Serpentine, Jasper

Length: 31 1/2″