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“Singing Frog” Figure


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Stephanie is best known for her creative, yet traditional, Cochiti storytellers, figures and nativity sets.

She continues the Cochiti heritage of figurative pottery.

Lacking the polished sophistication of many modern storytellers, her work is a direct descendent of the renowned Cochiti figurative art of 100 years ago.

Stephanie has won numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, and has been featured in several magazine articles and a recently published children’s book.

Exceptionally, for her generation, she has a college degree, a comparative rarity among her age peers.

Here is a traditional piece, a frog who is singing lustily with mouth wide open. And long red tongue hanging out, too.

He looks as if he might be holding one note for a very long time – hence the startled, pop-eyed expression. Or maybe he just caught a fly and can’t believe his good luck?

Probably just chanting about the lovely wet surroundings he lives in, which is why frogs – like other water creatures – are considered good luck in the arid desert.

Hand gathered, natural Cochiti clay is hand formed, painted with wild spinach paint, and red clay slip.

Created as it would have been two centuries ago, this is a quintessential Snowflake Flower piece, and a charming addition to a pottery, or frog, collection.



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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


4" H x 4 7/8" W x 4 1/4" deep