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Singing Antler Bear with Raised Paws


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Another carving triumph by this virtuoso of the carved antler. This good-sized table fetish is one of Troy’s favorite bears, not dancing, but singing.

Facing us directly, his large front paws are up in the air, as if he has just reached his final high note.

Natural jet has been inlaid in these paws, showing off the bear’s large round pads and little toe-pads, as well as his claws.

Notice how the artist has highlighted the tips of the ears, and the little tail, as well as the nose.

He sports a beautiful necklace: three strands of inlaid turquoise, supporting a pendant of black jet, inlaid with two natural red coral, and a lapis round inlaid with a turquoise.

Five red coral dots form the bottom of the pendant. His nose is polished brown; his eyes are turquoise.

Everything about this wonderful carving is hand made, and made beautifully.

Holding that high note, this talented bear-singer is just waiting for the applause that is going to follow. Bring him home, and let everyone shower him with praise and admiration.


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Coral, Lapis, Jet, Natural antler, Turquoise


4 1/2" h x 3 1/2" w x 1" deep