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Silver Yei Buckle


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Like the rest of his well-known family of prize-winning jewelers, Mark uses time-tried materials, techniques, and symbols.

Starting from a realistic concept, he abstracts the imagery, turning tradition into contemporary.

This graphic buckle depicts a wintry night scene on the Navajo reservation; snowy mountains are bright, under a night-dark sky.

Yebecheis dance the Nightway ceremony only during winter nights.

The polished silver bar represents the eye of a Yei (Navajo spirit), watching over the land and people from high in the heavens.

The raised-edge circle represents his mouth.

The silver hills are nubby and pebbly, like rocks are; the night sky is darkened with acid, and the tiny raised bumps reflect pinpoints of light, like stars.

The stepped design to the left was textured, but left unpolished, like the mountains. This could be a symbol for snowfall, as well as the power of the Yei.

Carefully designed, and executed with scrupulous care, this is a graphic, abstract design that can be enjoyed with or without understanding the symbols.

It is a unique, very sophisticated buckle, sure to attract admiration whether worn with jeans or tailored suits.

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Sterling Silver


3 1/2" wide x 2 7/8" high