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Silver Turtle Pin


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Wyatt is the oldest of Allison Lee’s three sons.  He takes after his talented father in the skill and beauty of his jewelry.

Nineteen-years-old, now, he won first place at Santa Fe Indian Market when he was only 14!

This charming turtle pin is all silver, but like his father, Wyatt cuts and shapes the stones he might need, himself.

Beautifully finished to brightly gleam, this turtle is crisply shaped, deeply stamped, and the center element is true repousse – pushed out from beneath the concave shell.

Turtles are symbols of good luck, since they live in and around water (which is scarce and precious on the dry Navajo lands).

The symmetrical, stamped motif on its shell resembles a trio of feathers, pointing to all four directions.

Feathers represent prayers and hopes; here, they suggest that the blessings of water, symbolized by the turtle, should extend to all parts of the world.

Cleanly defined, the cut-out flippers are straight lined; the head and adorably curled tail are rounded.

Like the stamp work, the whole piece is an ensemble of straight and curved lines.

This meticulously hand-fabricated pin will shine wherever you place it, and bring you good luck, besides.

The skills passed down from his father, combined with Wyatt’s creativity in producing contemporary versions of classics, show great promise for a long, and successful career.

We look forward to more work from the Allison Lee family.






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Sterling Silver


1 7/8" L x 1 3/8" W