Silver Tufa Cast Buckle


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One of the Custer family (the Navajo Custers!  A long-ago white man’s joke?) famous for their sand cast and tufa cast jewelry, Ira has created a handsome, vintage-style buckle.

He took a classic, simple, early style and created this gleaming, handsome, and different buckle.

Some called it a bow-tie design, but we think he was inspired by the feather fans of old-fashioned jewelry.

These fans of stylized feathers were symbols of eagle feathers. Eagles fly so high, they seem to be messengers to the spirits up above.

Therefore, eagle feathers are sacred, referring to hopes and prayers conveyed to the heavens.

The simplicity and robust heft of this buckle makes it modern, rather unique and suited to women or men, both.

Gleaming, raised elements catch every gleam of light. every bit is handmade, including the working parts on the back.

Moreover, the buckle can accommodate a belt that is up to 1 1/4-inch in width; quite a bit wider than is usual.

It is very sturdy, as well as very attractive.

Enjoy the uncommon good looks of the buckle, and the happy, older price, too!

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Sterling Silver


3 5/8" L x 2 1/4" W