Silver Teardrop Ring


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Featured in many Native American jewelry books, and multiple award-winners since the 1980’s, this couple have passed on their skill and talent to at least one son, the famed Tommy Jackson.

Although they are best known for fairly traditional pieces, this ring displays the modern influence of one of Gene’s teachers, the late Kenneth Begay.

Sleek in form, finish and striking design, this silver ring is a statement  piece that speaks softly, but elegantly.

Slightly convex in front, to gleam that more brightly, it is flat in back, for  wearing comfort.

The only decoration is a diagonal band of parallel lines, chiseled across the face.

This design may be a discreet, modern version of a traditional rainfall symbol; wonderful luck out on the arid desert of the Navajo lands.

In fact, with a shape like a drop of water, the message is understated, and underlined; clear, to those who know the symbolism.

The shank is a double band, almost traditional, except that the bands are flat, not rounded. Again, more elegant, and comfortable.

Impeccably hand fabricated, this is a solid, well-made ring.

Sophisticated, sensuous, and spectacular –  in a refined way – this ring looks like a million, but costs far less. (Our kind of ring!)

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