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Silver Storyteller Box


Oval, sterling silver box with applied Navajo life scenes, including on lid. Hinged lid, rolled silver arc on bottom to protect surface.

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Not just another little silver box, this is a beautifully made storyteller box, with scenes of traditional Navajo life all around the sides, and also on the hinged lid. Clearly delineated, each little element reflects nostalgia for a fast-disappearing way of life.

A traditional hogan, with nearby tree, is applied within an oval frame, on the oval lid,  This is surrounded by a border of hand stamping. All around the sides of this gracefully shaped box, are typical Navajo elements: horses, women working, trees for shade, a ramada, clouds, cliffs, etc. Each tiny vignette is realistic, and easily visible. Even the bottom is carefully designed: rolled silver arcs with tiny rounds are applied, to protect the surface.

A lovely shape, complemented by the charming designs, and fabricated by hand with skill and unusual care. This will be a handsome recipient for stamps, paperclips, rings or whatever. A very special ornament for your dresser, desk or table.

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Sterling Silver


2" long x 1 3/8" deep x 3/4" high