Silver Star Earrings


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Young, hip, famous, and fabulous – that’s Dylan Poblano and his jewelry, both.

A self-defined minimalist/modernist, his marvelously creative work has been tapped for museum collections and shown at New York’s Fashion Week.

His grandfather and mother started the family trend to innovate, and Dylan carries it even farther.

These exuberant earrings, however, are quite restrained, for him,  and can easily go to work, or anywhere.

The square posts are a series of appliques upon appliques, with the three-dimensional stars on top.

Several angular, flat pieces of silver lie beneath them, with dainty little crosses, symbols of stars, stamped in the background.

The background silver is square, but the elements are placed on diagonals, giving cheerful energy to the earrings.

Notice that the two posts are not quite the same, a favorite Dylan ploy that adds wit and interest.

One earring features a cut-out square applied on the background, that slides off the border at the bottom, and shows a sliver of another square or rectangle, peeking out from behind, at the sides.

The other is a straight-sided square.

Beautifully fabricated, and designed with panache, these wearable earrings are a wonderful way to enjoy the avant-garde, sophisticated, and delightful, design talent of this major artist.

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Sterling Silver


One Earring is 1 1/8" Square | the other is 1 1/8" W x 1 1/4" L